Knowing our competences.

Knowing our competences.

Groupe Martel's strength is bringing together all the actors needed for the good functioning of operations of a food service. From the field to the plate, we control every step with three distinct subsidiaries that are under the control of one decision-making authority.


We prepare our delicious meals in the Relais Frais factory in Sainte-Foy, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology. One must know that our menus and recipes are put together by our team of dieticians in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide. Those professionals ensure that every meal is balanced and fitting for the needs of children and adults altogether.


The distribution of our products is done by the food wholesaler Excel Prix. This company, which offers unique and personalized service, is able to deliver all of our products thanks to a single refrigerated truck.


For the cafeteria, snack-bar or restaurant of your building, Services Alimentaires Monchâteau hires and trains the personnel, creates the menus, buys and maintains the equipment, ensures conformity with hygiene and salubrity standards, takes care of the service and much more.