Our personnel will amaze you.


The central and regional recruitment department is responsible for hiring new managers according to the needs of our clientele. The director of this department also takes care of the two first stages of all administrative personnel training. Each employee is chosen with care. We know the importance of having in the company qualified staff that has both the skills and the experience.

Applicant Database

We have “reserve employees” that are ready to take over in the event of a termination, sick leave or replacement of an employee on vacation.


So as to encourage the constant improvement of our customer service and maintain the highest standards in the industry, Services Alimentaires Monchâteau offers many programs and continuing education to its service, production and management personnel.

We are aware that training is an important motivational tool. Professional training allows one to grow, to improve and to become more efficient inside the company. That is why we have inside our team employees that are highly skilled, motivated and proud to work together with us.

Every employee wears a uniform. This initiative not only raises the company’s image and public recognition, but it also augments the feeling of belonging of the personnel towards the organisation.